Workshop v2

Workshop information
& booking in form

Step 1
Over the counter quick assessment

  • Free over the counter assessment – If it can be fixed there and then, we will for free!
  • Remote support – If this the best option for your issue, we can install our secure remote software ready in store. Then just phone when you’re back home or back at work.
  • Workshop – If your device requires more in-depth investigation, we will assist with booking in our secure facility.

Normally we have multiple technicians available for the quick assessment, to avoid disappointment we advise to phone in advance on 01686 411000

Counter assessment free of charge 🙂

Want to pay? Choose from a range of charity boxes on the counter, suggested donation of £5-10.  

Note: Over the counter work is not tracked, not warrantied, not liable as is only a best effort fix without fee.

Step 2 - Choose your priority
Choose if you want from our 3 booking priorities

Workshop fee

Standard priority
£ 15 Started 0-3 days

Typically started next day
  • Our most popular booking choice. Best effort next day start
  • Basic appraisal (optional full health check)
  • 1 Hour of labour
  • Asset tracking and insurance
  • Secure customer access portal
  • Updates by website/email/text/phone or drop in store
  • Follow up after care for 14 days
  • Best choice for balance of turnaround vs cost
  • Over 80% of bookings require no extra parts or labour fees
Most Popular

Discount of £10 - Economy saver option

Perfect if you are not in a hurry. Choose "Economy" and save £10 from your booking fee 🙂

Economy - Save £10 option

Get the same great PCQ service, just with a longer turnaround. Typically works are started 3-7 days from booking or when time is available.
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Extra £15 option - Express queue jump option

In a hurry? Why not queue jump by choosing "Express". £15 is added to your booking fee for your priority turnaround.

Express - Extra £15 option

Get the same great PCQ service, just with a longer turnaround. Typically works are started 3-7 days from booking or when time is available.
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Saver option - Discount option
£ -10 Save £10 from the labour Started - 3 - 7 days
  • Great option if you are in no hurry & wish to save money
  • Same great service just at a low priority turnaround


In a hurry why not queue jump
£ +15 Started 0-1 days

Add £15 and queue jump.
Priority turnaround
  • Downtime can cost hundreds, get it fixed quick!
  • Jump the queue for fastest turnaround time

PCQ Workshop Price List & Extras (If required!)

Most workshop jobs are completed within the initial booking fee.  This is all you are agreeing to on booking.  Should further time or parts be required we will always discuss any additional costs or options before continuing any further.

Additional Labour charges – £15 per hour

If your device requires additional work these will be quoted from our range of fixed prices.  We always make sure prices are clear and explained up front.  Never a surprise!

Parts will be clearly quoted for in advance.

Example workshop fees: (for reference, we may discount from our normal RRP price list)

  • OS Reinstall – £30
  • Whole drive image  Backup for 30 days – £15
  • Data recovery – £15 to >£2000 (average £80)
  • Data transfer (old to new PC) including licences – £25 to £45
  • Drive cloning (for upgrades) – £15 (assuming disk is in good health)
  • Virus scans/updates/patching – £5

Charges will always be made clear. Never a surprise fee. You will not have to pay anything until time of collection.

Payment methods:

Debit/Credit cards – Contactless & Phone payments – Paypal (Link on your emailed invoice) – 30 day credit account (if you have opened an account) – Cash – We no longer accept cheques for non account clients.

Pricing above includes VAT at 20%

You are in safe hands

PCQ is fully registered with the ICO for handling of any data. Search for us at website.

PCQ is now Cyber Essentials accredited. This is a created government standard. This certification confirms we have taken all reasonable steps towards digital security.  This enables us to work with government and demonstrates our commitment to keeping your data safe.

If you device requires risky operations that may place your data at risk we backup first. We have systems in place that enable us to perform a whole disk image which is transferred into our dedicated RAID storage server with 30 day retention policy.

Established in June 2000 PCQ has grown year on year.  Our success has been possible by looking after our clients with everything asked of us.  From minor issues to follow up aftercare, our clients needs are our primary focus.

CCTV – We record outside our office for crime prevention. We also record inside the retail space – Helpful to note/confirm items left in our care.

Building is protected by a banking grade “Category 3” alarm system. This is also linked to the police in case of the worst case scenario.