We have an award winning business grade phone solution to suit all business industries.

Gold Licence - Feature rich

The Altos Gold package offers excellent value for money for businesses that want the additional facilities of Call Recording, Auto Attendant, Call Queues and Video Calling. The package comes with all four features at only a small additional cost, plus all the features included in the standard Silver subscription.

Silver Licence - Perfect for user

There’s nothing standard about our standard Silver subscription, which delivers all the features you would expect from a premium system, Phone licence, Support, Direct Dial Phone Number, Music on Hold and Time-based Routing and Voice Mail to email and so much more

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. You can create a library of recorded greetings and instructions, and up to 125 individual menus and sub-menus which can be applied to Gold subscriptions.

Greetings can be recorded separately and uploaded to Altos; they can be recorded from a network telephone, or through Altos’s text-to-speech module, which generates a female Scottish voice.

The Auto Attendant Menu Wizard guides users through the process of creating new menu templates.

Call Recording

Call Recording allows companies to record external and/or internal calls on all or specific company phones that have a Gold subscription.

For each phone number, you may choose to record all calls or a specified percentage of calls, and whether you want to record just external or both internal and external calls. A search facility allows the Administrator to retrieve any calls that need to be reviewed or downloaded.

Call recordings are stored securely online for six months. After this period, they are automatically deleted, although auditable records of all call recordings are kept online indefinitely. Altos includes a facility to ensure that downloaded call recordings have not be altered or tampered with in any way since they were initially downloaded. Even if a call recording has been deleted from online storage, its online record includes its checksum value.

The bulk download and bulk delete API facility helps administrators  to minimise any unnecessary call storage costs.

Call Queues

Call Queues hold incoming calls if there are no free operators available. With Altos you can create up to 50 call queues and choose music to play to a waiting caller:

  • Define the maximum number of calls for a queue and what to do with new calls after this number is reached (e.g. busy tone)
  • Set how long callers wait in a queue and what happens after that time (eg divert to Voicemail)
  • Choose or create your own introductory message and define how many times this and progress messages are repeated while the call is in the queue.

The automatic reporting module generates two Call Queue reports, which can be viewed, downloaded and / or printed. The Call Queues Ratios report shows the percentage ratio of queued to non-queued calls and call time. The Call Queue Volume report shows the queue length and wait times across a specified day or week.

Phone Buddy and Windows Softphone

Altos Phone Buddy for Windows PCs and laptops  puts the power of the Altos phone system on your desktop. It is available as standard for all Silver and Gold subscription holders.

Phone Buddy shows screen popups when new calls, voicemails or faxes come in and can be complimented with the Altos desktop softphone  to make make and take calls from your laptop.

  • Messages and alerts, with popups when they arrive
  • Instant message and Presence
  • Easy access to telephone directories with options to call, email or chat
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zoho and other external CRM systems

The floating dashboard allows you to keep Phone Buddy on screen, positioned where you want it, update your presence status quickly, access directories, view history,  make calls and set up diverts.


Wallboards are available through a site license.

Wallboards work with Altos’s Call Group function to display call statistic reports by group and individuals  including:

Calls overview – number of incoming, answered, outgoing and lost calls and average call duration.

  • Inbound calls –  number of incoming, answered, lost and queued calls and ring duration.
  • Outbound calls – number of outbound calls, average duration and maximum duration.
  • Queued calls – average queue time, maximum queue time, queue limit breaches, timeouts and the number queuing now.

The reports can be displayed on a wall-mounted display screen, allowing the call group members to monitor and respond to real-time events

Mobile Softphone

The Altos mobile softphone is available for android and iOS devices. 

The Mobile Softphone App allows you to use your smartphone as a company phone extension.  The  enables you to keep in touch with your colleagues and contacts, wherever you are, with the appearance of being in the office.

The App is easy to use and simplifies communications, enabling you to be contacted using one single number and choose to present your own DDI or the main office number.

Feature key synchronisation supports all your favorite features including:- DND, Call forwarding, Hold and transfer, Presence, Call recording, configurable quick dials and more.

Time-based Routing

Time-based Routing is available as a standard feature for both Silver and Gold subscription holders.

Time-based Routing enables businesses to configure individual phones and voicemail messages for different times of the day or week.

The schedule will automatically route inbound calls in specific ways for particular periods, eg lunchtimes, out-of-hours, weekends, holidays etc. Companies can use the feature to route calls to specific internal or external phones, call groups or voicemail boxes for each designated period in the schedule, and to create a library of voicemail messages to suit those occasions.

The feature can cope easily with complex and sophisticated company schedules, which means that administrators can configure different operating hours for different days of the week and a specific routing response for each individual routing period.

Flexible, Reliable, Affordable

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