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Customer Portal

Check on progress of a support ticket, check historical support notes and purchases.

Basic level
(Round cube)

Got hosting with PCQ or a pc-q.net mailbox? View your mail online here.

Premium level
(Microsoft Exchange)

If you need to access your Hosted Exchange mailbox you can from here.

Hosting control panel

Check and adjust your website hosting features/options and more.

Microsoft 365 admin portal

To check and amend your 365 settings and adjust users sign in here.

Cloud backup - Livedrive

Need to re-install software or login into your files via web portal click here.

VoIP management portal

Check and adjust your phone system. Set opening times and change your announcements router plans and so much more.

Heimdal Security

Check on your network statistics and ROI (Return On Investment) reporting 

Hotspot cloud management

Check and amend your networks.  View layer 7 inspection data. Check/block users.

Broadband portal

PCQ broadband network re-seller access portal

Sign in here

Satellite Internet

Still on Satellite? Need to check your data usage with the carrier sign in here

Bitdefender Gravityzone portal access

Check the health reports for your network. Action changes to your polices/

Easy access when you need it

We have worked hard to make sure you can view and control your services from us.  To achieve such a wide portfolio of services we have invested in key partners and software vendors.  If you wish to know more about any services please email sales@pc-q.co.uk or for password resets or help support@pc-q.co.uk