On-Site Support
TEL: 01686 411000 - E-MAIL: contact@pc-q.co.uk

Onsite Callouts

When you need onsite help PC-Q can provide everything you need.  But were you aware of "remote support"?  We now fix 90% of all issues remotely saving you time and money.  Give us a call and we can get you sorted in no time.


Home/Domestic Rates (VAT at current rate included)


Business Rates (Excluding VAT at current rate)


When booking in please let us know the urgency and type of work you are needing. That way we know what hardware we may need so we can get you sorted in one visit.  Normally we schedule callouts within a few days, but if you need urgent assistance same day it may be available at a cost.

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Otherwise please call us to arrange.