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Satelite broadband - In a "Not Spot" this could be your solution.

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PCQ has many internet connection options available.  For those very remote locations we can offer a specialised Satellite option.  Satellite is an independent European technology which just needs to see a fixed point in the sky for 2-way communication.  We are a reseller for this connection solution which is hosted by “Astra” via their UK operation “Beyondsl (


Our aim is to use satellite as a stepping stone technology until rollouts of technology including “Fibre” resolve most current problem locations which at such times we can welcome our clients options to connect to PCQ’s revolutionary systems direct!


Our head office is situated right in the heart of Wales so we know what it is like to have a poor performing Broadband connections, we specialise in trouble spots all over the UK using, fibre, landline, mobile and Satellite for the hardest to reach locations.


Talk to our professionals in broadband communications you'll be amazed at the solutions available to you via PCQ.


Satellite offer high speeds both up and down (*depending on location*) with higher latency/costs than landline services.  We consider these connections as a temporary solution rather than a long term solution.


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PCQ as a reseller of Satellite internet can mirror anything listed.




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Need a quote for a satellite system using the welsh assembly support scheme.  Apply here or give us a call on 01686 411000