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High quality broadband solutions for everyone needs wherever you need it


We provide a wide range of broadband solutions as there is not one set option that ticks all the right boxes for everyone.  Equally important not every location has the same access to services as the next.  So below are our 4 main broadband groups to choose from.

For most users we suggest contacting us so we can chat through your needs and assess your location so we can advise your best solution and pros & cons if choices are available.


Just a few reasons to choose PC-Q over other providers:

tick-box-green All main broadband technology covered - enabling us to correctly guide you
tick-box-green Hassle free setup - PC Q takes care of everything
tick-box-green Support from a small dedicated team people who care  - based in Powys!
tick-box-green Clear charges, we don't like hidden costs and surprise bills
tick-box-green Faster and more reliable internet service than all the major ISPs

Specialists in getting everyone online not just the easy ones


Unlike the major ISPs we can provide broadband to anyone, anywhere in the UK regardless of location.

Select an option for more details.  But we do suggest contacting us for a wealth of guidance and information.


Welsh Support Scheme


Satellite Quote

Need a quote for a satellite system using the welsh assembly support scheme.  Apply here or give us a call on 01686 411000





Broadband over phone lines (ADSL Services)




Satellite Anywhere



Fibre up to 100MB

Mobile BB


Broadband anywhere on the move!