On-line catalogue
TEL: 01686 411000 - E-MAIL: contact@pc-q.co.uk

Notes and tips regarding our online catalogue:

1: PRICES: Just like our printed catalogue the prices  displayed here are the manufacturers recommended retail price excluding VAT.   This is more than we will charge you.

2: DISCOUNTS: We offer everyone up to 95% off listed prices so please ring/email with product codes for today's best  price. Our customers with credit accounts will get even better pricing.  If  you regularly order from us, please contact us to open a credit account.

3: ORDERING: You cannot order from this site. Use this online catalogue to  help you find products, get more detailed descriptions and  see pictures. For pricing, stock  availability and ordering please ring on 01686 411000 or email us (see Contact  Page above).

4: DELIVERY: All orders acknowledged as received before 5:30pm will arrive at our  Llanidloes shop before 10am the next working day for you to collect.  This service costs you nothing; even on a 20p item.   No order is too small or  too large.  We can also deliver you order direct to your door next day.   This may incur a cost depending on the size of the order, please ask  for a price.

5: COMPUTER GOODS: Please do not use this catalogue to select computers,  laptops, printer, scanners, digital cameras, software, computer parts or accessories.   We can offer much better deals and higher quality products from our specialist  computer suppliers.  Please ring on 01686 411000 or email us (see Contact  Page above) for a quotation.


Click here for our on-line catalogue  www.officerange.com