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You will notice many small IT based companies come and go over the years.  PCQ is different and because we are different we have stood the test of time.  The average start up company doesn't live past 3 years and IT companies often don't last past their second year.


We think the main reasons we have survived for so long are the following:


  • Focus is on existing customers - We like our customers and try to do all we can to keep you happy from the start and keep you returning time and time again.
  • Taking time to advise on correct products and giving the support you need - Taking just a little time with you means you purchase the right goods for the job.  Better still we can give peace of mind for all your purchases as we are always here to help!
  • We sell legal software! Many IT companies cut corners with licensing.  We prefer to sleep well at night and do an honest job! Many small IT companies make a fast initial profit by fraudulently selling computers without legal software, harming both their own reputation and letting down their clients, WE DON'T!
  • Wide spectrum of complimenting services - (Meaning we are always busy if one of our sectors slows another picks up!)  We can offer the full range of services, so if an office needs suppiles or support we can do it all.
  • Reputation! We spend almost nothing on advertising.  We have relied upon impressing customers to spread our good services as word of mouth speaks volumes more than any advert.