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PCQ Environmental statement:

PCQ is doing its best for the environment.   From the moment you open the door you will get a fresh fair trade coffee aroma to light from low energy bulbs powered by green energy.  Just a little of what we are doing:


motherboard Hardware: The production of any hardware is highly damaging to environment. Even “eco” products that save power have already consumed beyond their benefit with embodied energy/chemicals etc. For this reason and for your pocket too this is why we repair rather than replace where it is possible. Should new hardware be required we look for good quality items that should last longer than budget ones, with better flexibility for future upgrades to limit the amount of computer waste. Our dead equipment is re-used for a training school. This gives even more life to the hardware even beyond its working life! Our working but obsolete hardware goes to the same place. All memory devices are “purged of data” to satisfy National Data Protection policies as stated by the ICO act 1998.

Fuel/Traveling: To reduce our CO2 emissions and carbon footprint we will always use remote support to fix your computer problems before suggesting call-outs or for you to brining your computer to our workshop.  85% of all problems can now be fixed by remote regardless of PC or Apple MAC, type or age by a quick phone call and one of our trained experts. Not only is this a massive benefit to the environment but you save up to 80% of your repair cost without any need of waiting for appointments etc. etc.

caepost Recycling: All paper/card/plastics/metal/batteries are recycled at our cost through our local Cae Post waste collectors.
powered-by-good-energy GREEN POWER: We use GREEN electricity at our shop provided by “Good Energy”. This 100% green importantly does not contain “nuclear” in its portfolio. Be warned as most sold green energy is mostly made of nuclear which we don’t consider to be green at all. So all our in house machines / Servers / Workshop repairs are all using green sources.
recycle-toner Recycling all toners/Ink cartridges: Most places offering these services are just interested in the money, not us! We take in all cartridges of all types even if they cannot be sold for re-manufacture as we want to ensure at the very least the plastics are recycled and not sent to landfill.


FSC certified products available

PAPER SOURCES: We sell a range of paper made with pulp from well-managed forests independently certified according to the rules of FSC® (to read more about FSC® Click Here).