Welcome to the GDPR questionnaire

The below questions should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Answer truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. NOTE: when we talk about “data” this includes written, printed and digital information held at your business or away from your business.

Terms of use: PCQ is offering a free, no-obligation assessment with a range of options/suggestions based on the short list of questions above.  PCQ is not to be held responsible for any misinformation provided and shall not indemnify any actions taken as a result of this questionnaire.  For full and proper assessments, PCQ can only advise you proceed with a full GAP Assessment Questionnaire with a Specialist Consultant to ensure it is completed fully and correctly, ensuring a complete report is issued.  

Data policy (available here):

Your submitted questionnaire will be received and assessed by PCQ only.  PCQ will store the results on its systems securely.  PCQ will only reply to you by email on the address you provide on the above form.  PCQ will only reply once with your results and suggested actions/solutions and will not use any of the data that you provide for any other purpose.

Purpose of questions: PCQ will aim to make a light assessment of your company’s situation and make suggestions and offer pricing for a range of products and solutions to assist you towards GDPR compliance. 

Obligation: There is no obligation to progress or opt for any suggested actions, PCQ is only providing a light assessment and information service.

Due to the high level of submissions please expect a delay in our response.  If you need to ask any questions meanwhile please get in touch.

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