Data connectivity options

PCQ is a specialist in providing data. From the simplest domestic connections, communication between warehouses / offices / work sites across the county to the most rurally remote of sites, we can cater for all.

connection options

  • Broadband ADSL/2+ = copper wire
  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
  • Fibre on Demand (FoD/FTTPoD)
  • Leased Line/EFM
  • 3g/4g /5g Mobile data
  • Wireless – Bridge/Beam
  • Satellite (last resort!)

Secure site links

Whatever your data needs PCQ has the solutions.

  • Client products to secure personal data in transit (Private Internet VPN)
  • Remote workers secure links to office (Windows VPN)
  • Join multiple sites utilising PCQ’s carrier service – Highly secure (PWAN)
  • Industrial reporting routers for any project – PFSense solutions OpenVPN

Monitoring & Alerting

Depending on your business or requirements, some need active monitoring.  

If you need 24/7 alerting and even 24/7 support PCQ can provide many options to cater for your every need.




Wifi Hotspot - Public Access - Guest Access

PCQ has a range of wireless systems to cover any requirement

  • Home coverage boost – Cover everywhere
  • Business coverage boost – Industrial protection and reporting
  • Hospitality solutions for hotels/restaurants/visitor attractions
  • Street access for towns/villages/shopping centres

Looking for something else not listed?

As we do such a wide range we cannot show everything on our site.  If you wish to contact us by phone or email one of the team will be pleased to assist. Telephone 01686 411000 or email