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E-Mail Server update on issues - BRUTE FORCE ATTACK

5 engineers have been investigating the fault which has caused much disruption for thousands of our client's and hundreds of businesses all over the UK getting to their mailboxes. No loss of mail has occurred, the issue has been clients gaining access to view mail.

During this time we have discovered no actual issue with the servers but that it was being overloaded in waves with a 'brute force' attack from multiple locations globally.

The attack is ongoing and until this settles we have increased our mail servers security and the allowable number of failed password attempts. If you find yourself blocked from being able to access mail please get in touch by phoning during office hours or by asking someone you know to email our 24/7 support team with your name and email address and one of the team will check the ban lists to enable access.

Services have been running smoothly today with 4 short outages as we rolled out configuration changes. The attack is quickly declining as incoming attempts are blocked much faster (3 failures).

Hope all is running well if you have issues please get in touch so one of the team can assist.

PCQ Team.
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5 days ago

Update: At 11:15 UTC we can confirm the issue with PCQServer1 have been resolved - All email services have been resumed.

If you're still struggling, please restart your computer and try once more, and if not please phone 01686411000 for support.

Thank you for your patience :)

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6 days ago

Good morning folks,

We do apologise, we are experiencing service issues with PCQ's server1 responsible for mail deilvery for thousands of mailboxes. If you are experiencing issues mail is being sent and received by your mailboxes just your access to it isn't currently working.

Rest assured, we are dealing with this at the highest priority and none of your mail will be lost.

If you want to receive updates please raise a support ticket either by emailing or visiting our support page on

***Just a note - This will have *zero* effect on your broadband connections or your webhosting***

Jason :)
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7 days ago

Remember: we accept and recycle used ink cartridges, so please don't just throw them away! Also, councils won't accept them for recycling either! ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

We're getting more reports that fraud/scam callers are targeting people in the area, our advice when dealing with a unsolicited phone call is:
1. Hang up
2. Make a note of the time, date and the number you received a call from.
3. Visit to make a report.

The more reports the police receive, the easier it is for them to act on the problem.

Stay safe everyone :)

Jason - PCQ
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2 months ago

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Let PCQ help and advice you on getting your business protect and compliant.

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